Suicide Psalms, poetry. Anvil Press, Vancouver, Canada, September 2008.

CosmoSonnets, poetry. Limited edition chapbook in collaboration with artist Robert McNealy. JackPine Press, Saskatoon, December 2007.

Viral Suite, poetry. 100 pages perfectbound. Anvil Press, Vancouver, Canada, April 2004.

Interference with the Hydrangea, poetry. 80 pages perfectbound. Thistledown Press, Saskatoon, September 2003.

Boreal Surreal, poetry chapbook, 18 pages handbound. LyricalMyrical, Toronto, August 2003.

CatoptRomancer, poetry chapbook, 20 pages handbound. Relevations Publications, Vancouver, October 1997.

a Knife a Rope a Book, poetry. 64 pages, perfectbound. Underwhich Editions, Toronto, January 1990.

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