Suicide Psalms

Winnipeg Free Press, January 2009; Saskatoon Star Phoenix, March 2009. The National Post, April 24, 2009.

Viral Suite

40s Mini Reviews I: Viral Suite by Mari-Lou Rowley, reviewed by Jennifer K Dick

Vallum Magazine, Montreal, Issue 3.2, 2005; The Globe and Mail Newspaper, Toronto, July 17, 2004; This Magazine, Toronto, July-August, 2004; Uptown Magazine, Winnipeg, July, 2004 ; The Vancouver Rain Review of Books, Vancouver, Nov/Dec, 2004; Word Magazine, Toronto, November 2004;  The Danforth Review, Toronto, November 2004; The Vancouver Sun Newspaper, December 18, 2004.

Interference with the Hydrangea

The Georgia Straight, Vancouver, February 26, 2004; The Danforth Review, Toronto, November 2004; Canadian Literature, Toronto, 2005

a Knife a Rope a Book

Canadian Book Review Annual, 1990; Now Magazine, Toronto, September 6, 1990; Books in Canada, 1990.


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