Lost in Transition – 21st Century Anchoress…

After two weeks in a hermitage at the edge of the woods at St. Peter’s Abby…. reading strange and obscure text from the college library.. such as..

Very few recluses had chairs at all; at stone bench sufficed as a seat, and the greater number spent their days and part of their nights in prayer, mortification, and manual labour…(Anchoresses of the West, p. 40 )

I, on the other hand, had chairs, tables converted wood stove in which I roasted garlic for  cocktails at the hermitage. Also had expresso pot, wine glasses, toaster, bird food for the chickadees, redpolls. pine grosbeaks, bohemian waxwings. Had a visitation from woodpeckers, heard coyotes, and (according to Dave Carpenter who knows these things) a timber wolf.

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1 Response to Lost in Transition – 21st Century Anchoress…

  1. thereginamom says:

    Not sure what I miss most about St. Pete’s colonies, the land, the people, the snacks, the writing time…

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